The Christian Life: Spiritual Warfare at the office

Most mornings, when I remember to do so, I pray on my way to work or before I step into my office. I ask God to set a watch at my lips bind my mind, spirit and body from being a tool of the devil and I pray he sends peace, love and all the good things there, before I reach.

Some days peace reign. Some days the devil brings in reinforcements with sophisticated weaponry. Yesterday, the battle intensified, the enemy didn’t want to stay bound and I barely managed to keep those lips shut.

Today, I am at home digging into God and suring up my armour. HR recommended I take sometime to calm down, distance myself, and change my perspective. But tell me, which perspective do you go to after bearing two years of verbal abuse, harassment, micromanagement and now intense vindictive maltreatment?

The only perspective I have is God.

My only coping mechanism is the proverbial pen and prayer.

-Poetess Denise Fyffe


3 thoughts on “The Christian Life: Spiritual Warfare at the office

  1. A wonderful way to start any morning is in prayer, praying for your work place and those that reside. First, must say that you have given the enemy TO much credit and once you do he is likely to take it and then some. As for your trails and tribulations there are only there to make you strong “my sister”

    Know that you are doing things right and pleasing to GOD or else the enemy would not even be in the mist, as GOD for his strength and power to with stand the ways of this world and know the “greater is he that is within you, than he tha is in the world”

    Lastly, keep all your thoughts and focus on GOD and no one else. GOD BLESS


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