“Well, it seems that some people don’t learn the importance of silence until there is an element of fear. I believe that in life each of us comes to that one moment where something scares us so much that the fear within us silences us, and we can do nothing more than be silent!”

Boy, was she right.

Recently I’ve been silent. Each day I’ve sat down at my computer to pen my Appointment with God, only to find that nothing more than silence arrived. For the past few months I’ve had many adversities within my life, but it seemed that the moment I stopped talking and simply prayed… “Jesus, help me. Please make a way for me where there seems to be no way…”


Appointments with God...

In 1991 my grandparents decided they would go to the movies. It was a hot day, and sitting in an air-conditioned room with popcorn and a movie seemed like the right thing to do so they looked through the movie ads within the paper and when they read the title: Silence of the Lambs, they “assumed” anything with a lamb in it must have been made by Disney. I can still remember my Sunday evening phone call as if it were yesterday.

The call went like this!

“Gina, oh my gosh. Your grandfather and I went to the movies today and watched this movie called: Silence of the Lambs,  and please do not take your children to see it. It was not made by Disney!”

I giggled on the other end of the phone and asked, “Well, didn’t you see the picture of the man wearing a scary mask?”


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