Feature on Sudden Death: Loosening Foundations, A Christian Novella by Denise N. Fyffe

Sudden Death, A Christian Novella

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My latest project Sudden Death: Loosening Foundations has been a revelation and a work of faith.

Sudden Death is a Christian literary work filled with stories revealing people’s struggles with depression, unforgiveness, anger, jealousy, rejection, heartache, abuse, rape, incest, and death. It is accompanied by an in-depth spiritual analysis, that reveals the spirits in operation that lead to the demise of their victims.

A Heart Staged in Pain, Anger and Denial by Denise N. Fyffe

Heart depression Heart acceptance Heart grief






I started writing this book, Sudden Death, after completing my three-part poetry series entitled, Heart Staged in Grief.

Having dealt with depression myself, I am fully aware of the urge to take your life; seeking an escape from the present hell and suffering.

When someone commits suicide, we are often left with the question, Why. This book attempts to give that answer. It is often a choice that many people feel that they had no choice in making. Many of those who opt out of life are victims or trauma survivors who suffered from depression.

In the second half of the book, you will find an analysis of each story. We will identify the demonic spiritual influence, align them in the word of God and give counsel on how to combat them in your own life.

Sudden Death: Loosening Foundations will be released in November 2015.


Excerpt below:

Before coming to the convent, Lena just like many Sisters before her completed a three months stint at the Kingston convent before being sent to St. Ann. This was to ensure that if they had second thoughts, they could easily return home and not become entrenched in convent life.

The rules there were not as strict and Lena had a mirror. Her old room was twice as big. She lay in her bed, wondering if she had the will to endure. She did not expect to get much sleep. The months at the convent had helped her to forgive her attacker, but she still had nightmares about the ordeal.

Eventually she drifted off to sleep, but after a few hours, her mind looped the unforgettable incident into her dreams.

Lena could see her uncle as he stood at her room door. Trapping her and threatening to kill her if she screamed. Her mom was not there to help her that night because she had gone into town for the day, on business.

Her uncle was taller than her and his muscles gave him a clear advantage. He held her down and ripped off her underwear. She cried and begged him not to hurt her. Until then, Lena was a virgin.

“Please uncle let me go,” Lena cried.





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