Christian Prophecy: America, Consecutive Judgement

judgment day image courtesy of barbwire-com

This is the time for the unfolding of consecutive judgments on America.

For you dear to step unto the land of my people, Jamaica. For you dear to issue warnings and sanctions. For you dear to push the agenda of the sons and daughters of Sodom.

The world shall put sanctions on you. The black flag shall infiltrate your borders, live in your homes, work in your offices and eat at your table. His attacks will be seemingly without end, but I shall use him as a whip upon your back.

Repent ye whores who sit in citadels and private rooms. You have sold out the established laws for the gifts of Perversion.

My anointed ones shall pray for you, but I God will close my ears for a season.

Mighty was your rise and mighty is your fall.

Your secret room deals shall be exposed and an enemy shall creep into your cables. He shall test your borders and find you lacking.

I the God of Heaven have been grieved by your insolence. My people have suffered from your hatred.

You are a perverse and wicked nation. For 1000000 barrels
of Gold, will I not cease until you are humbled.

Your unjust embargoes have deprived the innocent of prosperity. Your deceit has been a curtain over their land. Now you will enjoy a thousand times a portion of your own kitchen. You shall reap a bitter crop.

For I God have decreed this.



Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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