The Christian Life: 2016 Testimony 1 – Hibernating to Heal

Sleeping-Bear image courtesy of bagsofafeather

For the past couple weeks, I have been ‪sleeping like a winter bear, allowing my body to heal up after ‪surgery. I ventured out and someone hits me on the wound, unknowingly. Then someone else grabs me and hug me.

I know the Lord is truly doing a work in me and has done a work in me.

I did not flare in anger. I was calm. I pulled away quickly and informed them as to why I had done so. They apologized and all was well…ish.

I had no pain during recovery. This time, my wound is healing excellently. I wanted to drive myself home too and should have. But doctors orders! This is the second time, I proved that not all people are created equal…after surgery.

I had spoken the Word over myself. No pain! Took my medication and I have been good.

But today, there was delayed response after the hit. My nerves were not amused. Pure shooting pain, on and off. Where the thread went into my skin, I could feel every hole, in brief moments.

That’s life for you. I push through it.


“2016, will be a year of walking in, executing, declaring and inheriting.”

I prophesied this over my life last year and 2016, has been living up to the promise thus far.

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