Morning Meditation: God’s Word has not changed on Homosexuality.

God’s Word has not changed.

If 10,000 pastors declared they were #gay tomorrow, it would not change the truth of the #Bible one iota. If 10,000 worship leaders declared that God had made them gay, it would not change a single scriptural truth.

As I have emphasized repeatedly, despite the increasing number of professing “gay Christians”–-by which I mean those who claim that you can follow Jesus and practice homosexuality at the same time–there are “no new textual, archaeological, sociological, anthropological or philological discoveries [that] have been made in the last 50 years that would cause us to read any of these biblical texts differently.”

And so, once more, we see the fundamental error of “gay Christianity,” namely, people interpreting the Bible through the lens of their sexuality rather than interpreting their sexuality through the lens of the Bible….

via How Should We Respond to Vicky Beeching? by Micheal Brown

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