Daily Christian Journal: Delay Does Not Mean Denial

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Many times in life we will come up against situations, whereby we want things to go our own way. We want things to be done in our own time; even when we are submitted to the will of God, there is a subtle desire ebbing below the surface to have it, when we want it.

This I discovered recently for myself. I have worked towards a particular goal for a while and was at the finishing stages. It was time to present it and get a decision. On the day, I wasn’t nervous, had no butterflies  or doubts about succeeding.

While waiting on the decision, I noticed others around me and their repetitive nervous quirks. Legs were shaking, and some sighed as the pressure mounted. I was just feeling impatient at having to wait so long.

It was my time to get some feedback and it was definitely not what I expected. I listened to the feedback and agreed to make the adjustments requested.

Initially, I fought against the tsunami of worry, stress and fear that wanted to overwhelm my senses. But I remain steadfast in the plans and perfect will of God.

I believed, if He brought me to it, He would bring me through it. That was the message resounding in my spirit.

Then with certainty the answer came.

Delay does not mean denial.

I said, “Lord, please tell me what is going on? Why did I not know before? You reveal things to me all the time; why not this?”

Later on, He released the answer to my spirit. He showed me how, what was happening now, was to safeguard against something else, which would occur in the future. Something which concerned me and I suspected might happen.

You see, God is the master of time.

He knows all, even before we want it. The Holy Spirit who is my constant companion and yours, if you accept Jesus Christ, is assigned to protect you from all danger, even those of your own making. It is His job to keep you in the will of God Almighty. Therefore, he will orchestrate the events of your life towards that purpose.

In addition, God does grant the desire of our hearts, if it aligns with His will. His timing is not our timing and He will hold off some things from happening, until it is the perfect time for those things to be.

He might delay you from travelling to the country today, because there is an accident waiting with the stamp of death.

He may delay you getting a job, because the one you want is at a place that will stress you and the people will treat you badly.

If you push, He will also allow you to walk through those troubles and rescue you when you acknowledge that it is only with His help that you can get through it. And that you would not have been in that position, if you only waited on his timing.

Release the reins of your life to Him and let him direct your path. Trust that you will never be disappointed.


Poetess Denise N. Fyffe is a published author of over 30 books, for more than six years and enjoys volunteering as a Counselor. She is a freelance writer for online publications such as Revealing the Christian Life, Jamaica Rose, Entertainment Trail, My Trending Stories among others.

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