Daily Christian Journal: The Holy Spirit Has a Front Seat to Witness Our Sin

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

There is more to life than just drawing your next breath. We are accountable to God for every action.

After looking on my bedroom wall and reading the note that reminds me, “I choose God first,Today!” My mind goes to the place inside me, where the Holy Spirit dwells and speaks.

The God thought rises within me that, “The Holy Spirit has a front seat to witness our sin,” for Spirit filled Christians.

I squirm at the uncomfortable thought, because a picture of him sitting front and center, at some of my secret sins, is mortifying.

He shows me a picture in my mind’s eye, of a person looking at filth from a distance to another of that person looking at it right in front of them.

This made me grossly uncomfortable and repentant.

Thankfully, Jehovah is a forgiving God and dispenses forgiveness freely. He offered grace and mercy just for such occassions because He knew we would need it.

So, I pray that this God thought, “The Holy Spirit has a front seat to witness our sin,” would dwell with you and I, as we go about our lives.

May we shun the very presence and thought of sin, as we live to do His will, every second of every day.


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