Daily Christian Journal: In-genuine Hugs and Greetings

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Today in my daily journal, I would like to discuss Ingenuine Hugs and Greetings.

A hug has the ability to transform the emotional wellbeing of a person in just a few seconds.

This week, I have been the recipient of a few hugs and I can tell the difference of the intent, motive or genuinity of a person, from their embrace.

Today, being Sunday, I am bound to be hugged by a few people before the day ends. That is just how it is at my new church home, Cornerstone Church.

Hugs all around and they mean it too.

But by the end of it, there is the core of your heart that just responds.

It can be through a smile of gratitude, or it can be with the spilling of tears.

I missed church last week and when I went to Sunday school, there were a few people who actually missed me. And I could feel it.


just when I am feeling a bit invisible and tired too.

So, if you don’t mean. what the act is intended to mean, don’t hug the person.

Do the polite smiling thing and the person will understand the intent clearly.

The little, impersonal back pat is just ridiculous.

You want the person to feel all that emotion inside you, so grab em and squeeze them.

You don’t know what walls you will be breaking down by doing so or what impenetrable  retaining walls you will crack.

love on each other.

Be genuine and give a true, honest, real, affectionate to people.

The same goes for greetings!

Don’t ask someone how they are and then walk away, or barely acknowledge the response when you do.

Then don’t ask in the first place.

Say hi and goodbye.

Move on.

Too many times I have seen this happen and I wonder, why do we do this, ingenuine hugs and greetings?

If you ask, “how are you today?”

Actually stop, engage, counter question, follow-up question and emote your concern for the person’s wellbeing.

Too many people are hurting secretly and just that one person actually cared to ask, can make a difference in their day, in their life.

Let’s be genuine in love with each other.

Shall we?



Poetess Denise N. Fyffe is a published author of over 30 books, for more than six years and enjoys volunteering as a Counselor. She is a freelance writer for online publications such as Revealing the Christian Life, Jamaica Rose, Entertainment Trail, My Trending Stories among others.

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