Daily Christian Journal: Dear Me Letter

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

Dear Me,

Who me?

Yes you!

Remember you are only human and so are they. Nobody is perfect.

Well except God.

But don’t pressure yourself about your failures or your struggles. Nobody is perfect. That is what God’s grace and mercy is for. It keeps you afloat when you feel that you are drowning.

The world can be a bit too much sometimes.

There are some real monsters out there in the form of a human being. Shapeshifters if you will. But more like they have consciously or subconsciously sold themselves out to the devil. If you are honest, you do sometimes. Thankfully, God has pulled you back, when you swerved so wrongfully off course. So trust Him. He has got you.

Yea, I know.

It has been rough. You have had quite a few obstacles. You fell a couple times. Oh ok, so you have fallen a billion times. But remember, it is called life for a reason. It is finite.

It feels infinite.

This leg of the journey will soon be over. Ah, I know you wish it was now, but give Jesus a few more minutes. He is getting ready. Till then just hang on. Trust him.

Yea, Yolanda said it best, “This battle is not yours, it’s the Lords.”

Yes, hold on. Even if it is by a thread. You will still be above ground.


You can’t expect to be a child of God and have it easy. That is unheard of. Yes, some people live life easy, but you don’t know the skeletons in their closets.  The devil doesn’t trouble his own. He knows he got them. But he doesn’t have you. So he will make you suffer in this, his world.

Suffer indeed.

You must fight with every breath, pray, fast, sing, worship, praise, read your bible and if necessary, holla and bawl to your God. Whatever works. Get it done.

Even through the tears.

Tears are a sign that you are healing, so let them flow. Jesus will catch everyone and fight your cause.

Love abounds through Him and in Him.

Remember, greater is He that is within you, than he that is in the world.

No weapon formed against me shall proposer.

The Lord would not have brought you to it, If he didn’t already know that you could get through it. Yes, there will be bumps and bruises along the way. But that is excuse to run into his arms for His healing love.

God is love.

Your Father loves you more than you love yourself.


Why worry, why stress? Even this leg of the journey, He has prepared a way.

Nothing lasts forever.

So, Dear Me, hold on. Trust God. Put on the whole armour of God and continue the good fight in jesus Christ.



Poetess Denise N. Fyffe is a published author of over 30 books, for more than six years and enjoys volunteering as a Counselor. She is a freelance writer for online publications such as Revealing the Christian Life, Jamaica Rose, Entertainment Trail, My Trending Stories among others.

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Copyright © 2018, Denise N. Fyffe, The Island Journal


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