Daily Journal: The Stillness in Your Christian Life

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

Sometimes, I love being alone, for the stillness.

There is much treasure to be found, especially when it comes to spending quality time with God and being in tune with His Spirit.

In the stillness, you can sense His presence easier.

You can feel His heart.

You can hear His voice.

You can feel His love.

You can be you with Him.

You can know His will. And, He can overshadow you with his love and it is tangibly there. There is nothing like having those moments of oneness with Jehovah.

Usually, I like to center myself this way. This is especially necessary when there are big life decisions to be made. And there are a few that I have to make at this juncture.

I try not to let anyone else’s opinions, motives and desires sway me.

Recently, when I was in a place of stillness, this question rose up in my spirit.

“What do you want?”

“If you could … what do you want?”

Those words held my attention. I have been so focused on saying, praying and believing ‘Lord what is your will and let Your will be done’, – and this too is important – that I forgot He also takes the desires of my heart into consideration.

So, I have been asking myself earnestly.

“What do I want?”

Apart of what I want and crave, is the stillness with God in the center.

Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God ….

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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