Daily Journal: He Walked With Me Throughout My Christian Life

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

Sharing My Testimony …

Usually, after work, I am too tired to walk home. But today I felt good enough to do so. I took my little time and just admired the sights – walked a mile.

As I reached the last quarter mile, there were some elderly ladies chillaxing with a baby. We chatted and laughed and the toddler was so adorable drinking his ‘gin and juice’ from his sippy cup.

😁 I kid 😉

But, after soaking up his smiles and giggles, I was on my way. Right after leaving them, I felt impressed to pray on the way.

Out of the depths of my soul, the tongues came forth and I was talking to my Abba Father.

He was with me.

I then felt led to take a seat by the courts of the neighborhood Community Centre. And he was there – I had been longing to stop by this place for months and didn’t make it.

I could barely contain myself. I poured my heart out.

The concerns.

The worries.

The doubts.

I gave it to Him.

The wind played gleefully in the trees and out came a chipmunk … I think. Scampering straight to me. He stopped a few feet away, looked around, looked at me and went back into the woods.

I smiled and thanked God for the moment, the gift.

I continued praying and listening. I felt such peace and joy and happiness.

I ended up going inside the center and had a wonderful conversation with the lady there. She said, she wished I had come by months ago.

I concurred. It was a lovely place.

After that, a youngster came walking with his Rottweiler puppy. He was all over me enjoying the rubs and attention.

I felt blessed🙏, peaceful. I knew God was there in all this.

Abba knew I love kids, dogs, nature … and on my journey, He gave me these three gifts, plus His presence. Lord knows being far from home is not easy.

Feeling homesick, tired, and doubtful. It has not been easy.

But God took time out to let me know, He is here – with me – every step of the way.

I pray you take comfort in that knowledge, knowing God is with you every step of the way. Trust that He is there for your own journey as well.

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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