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Dear Friend,

As you might be aware, I have been a working writer, editor, and author for over 10 years now. It all started with a dream to publish my own book of poems.
Fast forward ten years, and I have worked as a copywriter, blogger, web administrator, and churned out thousands of articles for clients internationally. During that time, I managed to publish over 30 books in 7 years and later started helping others to share their work as well.


Books by Denise Fyffe

  1. Jamaican Pebbles
  2. Jamaican Pebbles: Poetry Pocketbook
  3. The Island Journal
  4. The Expert Teacher’s Guide on How to Motivate Students
  5. Di Summer of 2015
  6. Be Lifted Up
  7. Recount Jamaica
  8. Learning Management System Efficiency vs. Staff Proficiency
  9. Sophie’s Place: Career Development and the Disabled
  10. Examining Career Development Jamaica and Australia
  11. The Philosophy of Education and Work
  12. Thieves in the Workplace
  13. Empowering the 21st Century Worker
  14. Is the Registry Happy: Examining Career Development in Learning Organisations
  15. My Grieving Heart
  16. Sudden Death: Loosening Foundations
  17. Declarations for my Sons
  18. Declarations for my Daughters
  19. Declarations for my Sons and Daughters
  20. Fibroids: The Alien Assassins in My Body
  21. The Guidance Counsellor’s Handbook
  22. The Jamaican Guidance Counsellor’s Handbook
  23. Tragedy in Chalky Hill
  24. Bitter Exit in Kingston
  25. Deadly Surprise in Portmore
  26. Vengeance in Chapleton
  27. Innocence Lost on Ken Hill Drive
  28. How to Keep Writing
  29. Be Encouraged
  30. The Poet’s Prayer


Last month, I officially launched my publishing company, Jamaica Pen Publishers. This too came from a dream of helping other writers achieve their goals of becoming a published authors.
And I want to help you, a friend or a family member achieve this dream too.


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Thank you in advance for your support.



Check out her book How to Keep Writing

This book shares key practical strategies on how to become an author and a working writer. It helps you to get over the everyday nuisances that hinder the writing process. You can follow each strategy, at your own pace until you are writing frequently. It is geared towards both aspiring fiction and nonfiction authors and working writers who produce content, on a daily basis.

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Copyright © 2021, Denise N. Fyffe


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