The Poet’s Prayer: Prayer of Appreciation

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Prayer of Appreciation

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for the sun

Thank you for the moon

Thank you for love and for the summers in June;

Thank you for the birds that chirp in the trees

Thank you for giving your love through the creation story;

Thank you for my friends who journey through life

Thank you for those who test me with strife

Thank you for yesterday’s victory and the days come

Thank you for this journey, of which I prove I can run;

Thank you for the meals

Thank you for my favorite things

Thank you for the provisions

Thank you for providing everything;

Thank you for a pillow, to lay my head

Thank you for a rock, solid bed;

Thank you for the dreams

Thank you for the visions

Thank you for the seen and unseen blessings;

Thank you for every talent, ability, and gift

Thank you for life, purpose and the will to live;

Thank you for making sure that I accomplish my assignments on this earth and never give up;

Thank you for the praises in my mouth and the blessings you pour out into my cup;

Thank you for protecting my family and me

Thank you for the blood of Jesus Christ

Thank you for the fire of the Holy Spirit

Thank you for the anointed oil of heaven

And that they all cover me;

Lord, You are as beguiling to me as a lover, a never-failing friend and I will forever appreciate You, I pray to see You in heaven;



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