The Poet’s Prayer: Lord, We Ask You to Intervene

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Lord, We Ask You to Intervene

by: Denise N. Fyffe

Lord, I know you are looking down on us from heaven.
I know you see all the things that are happening in this world, in this time. Sure, nothing is new under the sun, but tragedies, war, famine, and every terrible thing is new to us.

Our life is so short in comparison to the grand scheme, the mountains, the islands, the volcanos; but Lord, we need you to intervene.

Stem the flow of adversity, stem the effects of war;

Feed the hungry, and end famine;

Protect the innocent and punish the guilty;

Free the abused and clothe the needy;

Where there is hatred, let love bloom; Where there is greed, let a spirit of giving and unselfishness rise.

Lord, we ask you to intervene in a world that is set on destroying itself and its people;
We seek you beyond the murk and gutters;
We knock on the doors of heaven and beseech you to rise and fight for your children;

Lord do so before it’s too late.
Lord, we ask you to intervene.


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