The Poet’s Prayer: Praise to the God of Heaven and Earth

The Poet's Prayer with Poetess Denise Fyffe banners

Praise to the God of Heaven and Earth

By: Denise N. Fyffe

Praise to the one who sits high and looks to the farthest depths
Praise to the king of kings and the Lord of Lords
Praise to the deliverer of Israel
Praise to the defender of the weak.

Let everything that lives and breathes
Let everything that eats and sleeps
Let everything that laughs and cries
Let everything that hopes and dies.

Let everything great and small
Let everything that rises tall
Let those who soar over the mountain peak
Let those who know the depths of the great blue sea.

Let all nations and kindred
Let all governments and firmaments
Let the seen and unseen
Let the brown things and the green.

Let the wet and cold
Let the heated and bold
Let those who fear and those feared
Let the wise ones and the fools.

Let all and sundry
Let those beyond Earth’s boundary
Let everything close and afar
Let everything Praise the Lord.

Praise be to the Grand Duke of heaven
Praise be to the most excellent King
Praise be to the Giver of wisdom
Praise be to the Ruler over everything.

Praise to Adonai
Praise to Jehovah
Praise be to El Shaddai
Praise be to the Abba.

Praise you Jesu Kristi
Praise you Lamb Of God
Praises reign on you forever and ever
Amin, amin lo ruko Jesu Kristi.



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