Day 362 2014 – If Jesus came tomorrow, what would you do?

If Jesus came tomorrow, what would you do? Many of us are living in our filth and think that it is a bed of roses. Literally. If mans’ sins could manifest itself as filth many of us, yes including me, would be wading in the trenches of sewers. We would be ashamed and hang our heads and long seek forgiveness, just so that our filth would be removed.

If forgiveness manifests itself as a bed of roses, how many of us would be smelling sweet and surrounded by bees, butterflies and beautiful chirping birds? My scenery would be ever-changing and I am sure the same would apply for many other Christians who honestly struggle to live a good and righteous life for God.

On the other hand, you should never be content to live in filth. You should never be content to wade day in, day out in a situation that leaves you vulnerable. God looks out for his own, and yes many times that includes sinners; until they come to Him, he cherishes us even more. But do not be a fool, in your sinful state you are still vulnerable to the whims and attacks of the devil. He will never look out for you. He might permit you to have the riches of this world, but be warned you shall pay dearly in eternity.

So,  has your answer changed? If Jesus comes tomorrow, would your scenery be filled with filth or a bed of roses?


Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe


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