Featured Image of Poetess Denise N. FyffeDenise N. Fyffe, is a Christian, author, and servant of the living God. She accepted Jesus Christ at a very young age and shares her journey, obstacles, and victories. She continues to learn and share about God, the Bible, and Christian living.

She serves through community outreach, Christian mentorship, and ministering the Word of God.

Denise has authored more than 50 books over the last twelve years. Her values or morals are deeply rooted in Christian principles, and she lives to be a genuine example of her faith.

Christian Books by Poetess Denise N. Fyffe:

  1. Be Lifted Up
  2. Be Encouraged
  3. Be Encouraged Devotional and Prayer Journal
  4. The Poet’s Prayer
  5. Sudden Death: Loosening Foundations
  6. Declarations for My Sons
  7. Declarations for My Daughters
  8. Declarations for My Sons and Daughters
  9. Declarations for My Life
  10. Declarations for My Spouse
  11. Declarations for My Family

These books are all available at Amazon.com and other online retailers, including in eBook and paperback formats, and Lulu.com.




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