Christian Testimony 2015: Fighting for air, fighting for my life

Every now and again the devil tries to kill me..physically. For years.

This morning, I was mid-sleep, mid-waking and my brother had just left the house. Instantly, I was fighting for air as something was trying to stifle me with the bed covers. I got it off once and then the covers came fully over me the second time, with no hole to breath through. Automatically, I start calling on the name of Jesus, He alone, His name is the only thing that works when this happens.

(This is the second time, this series of events happen, i.e. when my brother opens the door to leave something comes in, as if it’s waiting for an opening. My brother is not saved, but I am. The first time was early morning, about 2 .a.m. that time when the being came in, and came on my bed, soon after another entity spiritually opened the door and called it outside to leave me alone. I woke but felt peace enough to go back to sleep.)

This is not my first encounter, so as much as I get traumatised sometimes, sometimes I am jaded. Tired and just leave it totally to God to protect and watch over me)


I can’t even recall how many times I have to fight for my life in such a situation. So, there is never any doubt in my mind as to whether God or the devil exists. Then the thought goes to God’s purpose for my life. The full I do not know, but I want to encourage those who do not have Jesus Christ as their personal saviour to get on it. Focus on knowing Christ‬ and not let church people be a hindrance.

I have seen the evil side (should be in Bellevue by now) and sensed the good. But be assured both sides are real… More tangible to some of us. Only you and Jesus can make it through to your salvation, so get it done this year. Don’t wait.- Poetess Denise Fyffe


Copyright © 2015, Denise N. Fyffe


One thought on “Christian Testimony 2015: Fighting for air, fighting for my life

  1. Amen! These spirits are real, satan is real and aways tryin to find a way to battle with God’s anointed. Calling on the name of Jesus covers us and keeps us from his darts. Always praying for you sis. Prayer works!!


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