Christian Testimony 2015: The faithfulness and consistency of God

I will forever be thankful for the day that I choose God as my Lord and Savior. In that moment, my life was upended from a path of death to a journey towards eternal life. As that journey progressed my soul learned to make her boasts in the Lord.

Mind you, there have been many times when I have deemed myself unworthy, but in twenty odd years, the Lord as been my one constant and recurring thought. There has never been a day that he is not in my thoughts and I am concerned about how to please him.

There is no doubt in my mind that he exists. I have had experiences that cannot be argued away by the ‘degrading’ process of an intellectual’s mind. The things that happen to me are as real as the air I breath. When these things happen, good or bad, my faith grows and I am even more sure that both God and the devil, and  good and evil exists.

Because of this, my life and destiny must take a certain path or I must be a different and more influential person for the kingdom of God. Do you remember what happened to Master Baggins at the end of The lord of the rings? He was taken away because he saw too much, knew too much and experienced too much. He had also been exposed to a particular kind of evil. Just as so, anyone whose exposure to Christ is unique than others have expectations of how they must live their lives.

Now, God has certain expectations of me and I must live up to them. I am off a particular age where it is expected that I would put away childish things and distractions. The time is at hand when all promises and prophecies must begin bearing fruit.

To this I say, ‘Let they will be done King Jesus’.

Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


2 thoughts on “Christian Testimony 2015: The faithfulness and consistency of God

  1. I believe in what my father believe in and that is simple not hard or complicated. He believe in his son and his son in him. We are the sons of Christ through his blood, joint heirs to the thrown. Evil is real, yes, and there is a battle but through him it is already finished. I enjoyed your writing.


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