Dealing with Anger and Un-forgiveness in your Christian Life (Part 1)

I am a child of God, there is no denying that, but one of my biggest hurdles is anger and true forgiveness of those who have wronged me. My life has been filled with ‘evil people’ – according to me – who have hurt me in ways I never thought possible. I don’t think of myself, as naive to the wickedness in men’s heart; because I have been a recipient of what lies within.

When I am wronged, I tend to withdraw. That means I have  nothing to do with the person and I shut myself away, for fear of lashing out and doing or saying something I would regret. Here is where my anger lives. I have had a bad temper since childhood, and it has been my thorn. So, and to speak honestly – in order not to end up in some prison somewhere – I withdraw within myself.

But anger, doesn’t go away so easy, especially when it is unresolved. Fury is like a wildfire and it destroys everything in its path.

Written March 2014.


Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


2 thoughts on “Dealing with Anger and Un-forgiveness in your Christian Life (Part 1)

  1. Must be in our gene but there’s healing. I see why we’re sisters. I’ve had the same issue as well but overtime I’ve tried my best to separate myself from the situation and approach later for like u, it wouldn’t be good to fix the problem in heat. God has been good and can heal whatever hurt or pain that is there. People can be mean and some will always be but leave them to The Lord. No need to waste your energy and give them space in your heart and mind for years. They don’t deserve that.


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