Christian Testimony 2015: Prayers Answered or Rain

rain-bedroom courtesy of lilydoesmedschool

A summer from hell interrupted by the rains from Heaven

Its the sixth night of July 2015, and the rains are battering my roof, my car and I guess everything within 30 miles. My prayers are answered.

At nearly 11:00 o,clock, I lie in my bed praying in the spirit; spiritually restless I guess, especially as the Holy Spirit cycles images of people and things I needed to pray for. Within a few minutes, I hear a familiar rumbling and hope enters my heart anew. The thunder continues to dance across the midnight sky and I can hear the children shrieking as they sprint home, out of the showers. But my heart shrieks for another reason.

You see, its been a long hot summer which started its torture session in early April 2015. Then also, I prayed for rain and God was faithful, because Jamaica could not withstand another drought like that in Summer 2014. Last year was a trial for hardened men and desperate souls. This year, I shall use my direct access pass to God to plead on behalf of my nation. I am certain many of his servants are doing likewise.

Now, the thunder continues to dance across the night sky and as sure as women give birth to babies JPS electricity is gone. The power surge lingered in our old ghetto homes like an unwanted second cousin; but those of us who know, pull out every God Almighty thing, left to contend with the darkness and night sweats.

I trust God to look out for me tonight, in the dark, as He always does and he has provided a light wind to keep me from being slow cooked to death.


Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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