Christian Prophecy: Jamaican Politician Damion Crawford

The prophecy for the honorable damion crawford

This is what the Lord says concerning the man The prophecy for the honorable damion crawford 2Damion Crawford (Jamaica):

This man shall be given a scroll with My plans for Jamaica. He is a great mind who endeavors to relieve the oppression of the people.

I will use him as a door for many of My works for my people.

Through his hands, many will be released from their bondage and many will rise up out of their waywardness, poverty, and prisons.

damion Crawford will be a bold dragon that will bite off the neck of another dragon. Leaving utter defeat and tearing apart of the systems of this former dragon. He shall rise above his enemies and detractors. He shall rule over many.

I will shield him from the assassins eye and he shall be fortified for a time. I shall take him to many nations and many peoples.

Damion Crawford shall have alliances that will serve him well. Where his hands are there shall be prosperity. He shall bring about job creation. He shall be envied by many who have hardened their hearts against Me and subjected themselves to greed.

I am the God who gives talents and abilities to every man.

I am the God who allows people to ascend into their destiny.

I am the God who decides the path of my people and their retribution.

I am the God who will lift this man up.

Though they have placed an obstacle in his path, he will walk on it like a leaf and it shall turn to dust under his feet. The mighty shall stumble before him and I shall make their plans known to him.

His home shall be filled with abundance and his family shall not be oppressed.

He shall be my weapon against the unrighteous.

His mouth shall be filled with truths that shall cut into the deceivers of men’s hearts. His words shall ascend into the heavens and soar above the islands.

All shall hear Damion Crawford’s words and see the truth in them.

Only the man, himself, can stop the plans I have for him.

For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.-Luke 14:11


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