Christian Prophecy: Jamaican Man, an Endangered Species

This is what the Lord says concerning the Jamaican Man, an Endangered Species:

The Jamaican male is like an old man, enslaved. He is powerless to fight the ravages of the fiends who work to bring his end. He reaps the consequences of his Perversion. He is shackled by the demon of dancehall, Perversion. He is powerless to free himself for he is lost in a black pit of Sodom. He is lost in a black pit of fornication. He is blinded by pride.

The Jamaican man is an old man, miserable and ignorant. He has turned his back and his heart from my precepts, from my laws. He has chosen to drink the breast milk of Babylon. That sour poison shall rot his tongue and burn his belly. He shall call my name and not accept help. He is a stowaway in another man’s land.

Oh how he longs for the riches of Jezebel. And her death he shall part take of. That old man shall reap the labours and sorrows of the blind.

He shall listen to the council of fools. He has listened to the council of the ungodly and shall be killed by the landslide of that great mountain.

Oh Babylon what a curse you are to men. For innocence is as wine to you. For blood is as cocaine. For my people are lost in your Perversion. But I God shall come again. And release vengeance. And release a judgement for my people.


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