Christian Prophecy: America, Desolation

america image courtesy of 11th-hour-infoI see a land wasted and desolate, barren and bare.
I see a land with bodies scattered and many in mourning.
I see a people lost in their Perversion.
Woe unto the defilers and the defiled.
Woe unto those who defile the young and innocent.
Birds or prey shall eat your flesh. Your blood shall quench the thirst of the barren land.
I hear the cries of My babies killed in schools and cut short of their destiny.
The borders of that land are a mirage. The enemy squats in places of secret. They shall rise like falcons and snatch the head of their enemies. Hundreds shall mourn but hundreds shall die. Thus saith the Lord God, who makes and breaks the armies of man.



Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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