Declarations for My Sons

I declare and decree that the hand of God will forever be on my sons’ lives.

I declare and decree that:

Favorite-Design-of-Black-Men-Fashion-2014-and-Fashion-Design-InspirationMy children are blessed. In them are found the innocence of Jehovah. They shall serve him faithfully. They shall be evangelists, prophets, apostles, teachers and pastors for God’s elect. They shall not tarry in the council or dwelling of the ungodly. They shall be standard bearers of the Kingdom.

My sons will walk in obedience, humility, faith, wisdom, understanding, compassion and respect from conception. They shall bring great honour to their parents. The gift of the holy spirit will abide in their lineage forever. They shall speak the tongues of angels. Demons will fall at their command. My sons will release people from their prisons. They will be an arrow pointing to God all their days. They shall walk in supernatural health from birth. They shall bring happiness to all peoples.

My mighty sons will be keepers of Gods wisdom. They will consume the knowledge of this world like a glass of water. From them will pour mysteries and code breaking information. They shall burn down the dwellings of their enemies and in their eyes will be truth everlasting. They will feed the poor. They will heal the sick. None shall leave from under the shadow of the almighty. They will be used of God to shelter the persecuted.

My sons shall bear mighty sons. They will be the Jobs of their time. People will travel to seek their counsel. They govern the land with fairness and righteousness. They shall be kingdom financiers. Their wells shall be more bountiful than Jacob’s well. They shall feed the poor. They shall heal the sick. Jehovah will be unto them a brother. They shall establish and keep his laws. God shall not leave from their families even unto the 12th generation.

Their wives will be beautiful women of God from around the world. Daughters of Abraham. They shall be keepers of the faith. Patient, kind, forgiving, caring, respectful, modest and pleasing to their husbands. My daughters in law, grand daughters in law, even unto the 12th generation shall be rocks of Gibraltar to my sons. At their words the mountains shall kneel and the waters shall part. They will be eloquent transcribers of Gods word.

No evil, curse, demon or false thing shall overtake them. Every curse and demon from hell will be defeated and reversed in their course. They shall be protected by the warring angels from heaven, in God will they have eternal favor.

In Jesus name, amen.

Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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