Christian Prophecy: Christians, Get beyond the Frock Tail of God

In Gods arms image courtesy of jodykyoung

We are living in a time when the mettle of Christians will be tested.

Those who operate in the shadow of Gods frocktail will see that they should have sought his face, his arms, his heart.

Woe be unto those who are fooled by the soothsayers in churches. (Surface preachers who do not know God’s heart or his ways.)

People take the devil for a fool, but if Eve, Peter and even David were at one point led astray…what does that say about the intelligence and cunning we are dealing with?


Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


2 thoughts on “Christian Prophecy: Christians, Get beyond the Frock Tail of God

  1. The devil is smarter than a lot of people think….I shudder at the things that are allowed to happen in our churches while everybody is dancing merrily on their way to a perceived heaven. May we all open our eyes to what God is calling us to do


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