The Christian Life: Understanding Spiritual Warfare & Why I am not moved by 50 Shades of Grey

At the onset of my experience as a writer, I began by bleeding the hurt, despair and dejection of my soul out, and into the poems I wrote. Being a writer who flowed best when highly emotional, (and there was a period of my life when I always was) my poems highlighted the feelings I experienced and my words would emote and paint a picture fueled by my overactive imagination.

I am a child of Love (God) and I acknowledge that my gifts, just like anybody else’s can be used in the wrong way. I have written hundreds of love poems. So, I am no stranger to painting a picture so erotic with my words that men get heated and infatuated with the fictitious persona I create.

However, my purpose in God must be fulfilled and soon all my writings, thinking and living synced with the true purpose God has, for my gift. No one’s path is clear cut. Some of us have to experience life in a messed up and detoured way before our journey is corrected through acknowledging the sovereignty of God, his purpose on our lives and that really He knows best.

Therefore, because of my detours I understand the lure of ‘50 Shades of Grey‘ and even more so the deathlike grip it has on wayward Christians. It is not an easy one to shake; imagine a fly caught in the web of a giant spider. This lure is equipped to blind Christians of logical thought, identifying the truth and seeing the smut which is right in front of them. This lure is of a power so consuming only the devil could have spun this web.

Those trapped, especially women, are victims who have romanticised sadistic violence sugar coated by sensuality and covered with the most impure and sinful chocolate exterior. They need divine intervention to break the hypnotic hold.

Many of you have heard the excuses for watching this film from people you thought were secure Christians. Many of you are dismayed, shocked and disappointed. However, you need to pray and understand that this is simply a snare, that they are trapped, just like a prisoner of war.

We are living in a time when the devil is levelling some of his most devastating artillery against mankind:
50 Shades of Grey,
– Kim Kardashian’s frontal nudity on a magazine cover with the aim of breaking the internet,
– rampant gay sexual scenes on television,
– singers and actors flaunting nudity across every media,
– prevalence of narcissism through an addiction to selfies,
– Facebook and social media addiction
– music lyrics being a rant of psychotic and violent intended acts and harsh, accepted, abusive verbal discourse against women
– gay politicians demanding the sermons of preachers who preach against them
– legislation being fashioned and used to persecute Christians who do not support the gay lifestyle
– heads of martyred Christians literally rolling around the middle east, through epic acts of persecution
– Book Haram
– kidnapping of hundreds of young girls and nothing actually and successfully being done to free them
– a nation claiming a city of another nation
– megachurch leaders being caught in deception, adultery, accepting immorality in the pulpit
– church leaders dying, dying in the pulpit
– planes disappearing from the skies, never to be found

Should I continue to list the acts which mark the times in which we live?

If you are a child and servant of God, then your eyes should clearly see now, for what it is. I count myself as one of the lucky ones, not caught up in the 50 Shades of Grey deceit. God told me a few years ago that my play time was over. No more idling and floundering around.

I see things so clearly, but understand, the devil will continue to amp up his tactics and as the bible foretold, there will be such a falling away of Christians. It will be epic. But be encouraged, God will call His own to stand, to come home, to cut out the foolishness and end their playtime. He will draw out and up His remnant.

Notice, Isreal is calling home their people.

Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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