Christian Prophecy: Obama’s visit to Jamaica

Barack Obama visits the Bob Marley Museum

I received this message April 5, 2015. I am now given permission by God to release it.

I was using the bathroom when I saw a vision of a whore. You can imagine, how frightened I was. I honestly nearly run weh lef me self. It was the first of many.

God started to tell me what this was about. It was concerning the visit to Jamaica by President Barack Obama. This is what the Lord says:

Road works in jamaica for Obama's visit image courtesy of jamaicaobserverI see you Jamaica, as an old whore preening and putting on your best dress. Leaning and showing your wares while your children starve and are left behind you. You are a slut in the eyes of the coming suitor, but he will not suit you.

He will take and rape and pillage all that you have to offer; willing and unwillingly. You are still a slave to him. He shall smile in your face and curse you at your back. You are nothing to him but a stepping stone. A donkey he can climb and ride and use. You are nought in his eyes.

This is how I see you Jamaica. This is how I see you.

US President Barack Obama visit to Jamaica

You are as spittle on the ground. Ignored and forgotten. Your interest and their interest do not align. You are not their priority. You are no more to them than the beetle is to you.The favour you seek is but a fleeting thing for if a mother favours it’s child does she not feed it?

Does she not clothe it?

Does she charge it to enter her home?

No she does not.

This is how I see you Jamaica. This is how I see you.

Whoring away that which I have given you in blessing.

Whoring away the milk of your children.

This is how I see you.

A time will come when you will no longer seek any favour but my own. I am the God who restores and renews. I am the sovereign of all before and after. I am the King of all and of heaven.

This is how I see you Jamaica. This is how I see you.


Please keep Jamaica in  your prayers. She is a jewel in the Caribbean, which many wish to claim. But she belongs to God. As such many who tamper with and wreak corruption in…will pay the price in eternity.

God has great things in store for our island home. We simply have to look to Him as our source and not to any other. He is able to do far more abundantly and exceeding ALL…


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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