The Christian Life: It’s Raining Clothes

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

Over the last five months, God released His flood gates and the blessings just keep pouring in.

Since Christmas, through my mother, I have been receiving clothes in spades. Most of them, were not my size and a few others were men’s clothing. So, I took them to where they were originally meant to go; to the people of the church.

The more I gave away, the more I received. It is now May and I am still receiving clothes. Not only did I get a new wardrobe for myself, but many of my church members are getting, as well.

Last month, I received some smaller sizes and men’s clothing. I pondered, who could these be for? There was no one this size in our congregation. Soon, a young visitor approached me, took me into her confidence and announced her wedding. She had shared her need for new clothing.

There was goosebumps all over my skin. As she tried every article of clothing, my soul became exceedingly glad; they all fit. The Holy Spirit confirmed that they were all for her.

I was speaking in tongues, thanking God and rejoicing at how God strategically moved everything into place to provide for her. The next batch that came were for her fiance and other visitors.

Isn’t God marvelous?

No matter your situation, God is able to send resources, to be there on time, even before you ask.



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