Lessons From The Real Preachers of LA

Preachers of LA cast

It is easy to understand the opinion of those who may view this Preachers of LA show and cry foul. Some may feel that these Preachers of LA are way off base in the way they choose to handle issues and live life.

Others may question why these preachers would even open their lives up to public examination and scrutiny by participating in a reality show. However, maybe the real question that should be posed is: Why aren’t more ministers, preachers, priests, rabbis, and other spiritual and religious leaders willing to place their beliefs and daily personal practices in open view of the public, or if not the pubic, at least to the church board, spiritual advisors, and ultimately the congregations that they lead?

Perhaps if other clergypersons were more transparent with the way they live their lives, and perform their daily duties and responsibilities, false and fraudulent activities would be more readily identified and checked, and sincere and genuine efforts would be recognized, acknowledged, and gain momentum. Perhaps an increase in accountability would result.

This show is not for the clergypersons who are acting responsibly, accountable to God, their church, or spiritual board and overseers. Rather this Preachers of LA is for the “yes” people who serve as deacons or church board members, who go along with whatever their clergyperson tells them without question, even when there are reasonable objections.

This show is for all of the people who accept membership in a church without reading the by-laws or understanding the tenets of faith of that church. The Preachers of LA is for the people who have questioned why certain preachers do the things that they do, and whether or not such preachers are practicing what they preach without deception.

This show empowers people to expect and demand accountability from their spiritual leaders in the same way those spiritual leaders demand and expect financial support from their congregants….


After watching trailers and previews for the new Oxygen Network show The Real Preachers of LA, it was easy to view the idea of such a show from a perspective of skepticism. The clips that were played on TV and radio commercials gave the impression the show would present a group of LA preachers who are unbalanced in their thinking and their way of life in regards to materialism and prosperity – preachers who seem to excuse what many churches consider to be “inappropriate” conduct and behavior, while reaping the spiritual, and even the secular, and financial protections and benefits of heading a ministry or church, or as the Internal Revenue Service refers to them, Charities-&-Non-Profits/Churches-&-Religious-Organizations.

However, after watching this show for several weeks now, the show has not only proven to be interesting, but it has proven to be relevant as well. The topics that have been discussed on…

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