Christian Prophecy: We didn’t fight hard enough

Most times, I try to stay away from what is going on the world; the serious things that make you run under the shadow of the Almighty. Why? Because, as in all things, God starts talking to me about them and it makes my heart sad.

The world is in a deplorable state. The last two generations are heavily responsible for the state of affairs right now. We failed miserably.

We didn’t fight hard enough.
We didn’t love hard enough.
We didnt exercise our faith in Him often enough.
We didnt allow God and His principles to stand, as such.

The devil has set his claws in and we shall see such moral decline, as has never before been seen in the time of man.The devil will seek to kill mankind from the womb at an every increasing rate; example…aka zikv excuse…Microcephaly.

Parents weep for your grandchildren…many shall never see the light of day. many shall not see the gates of Heaven.

I appeal to the sons and daughters of God. Awake. Pray. Fast. Pray. Weep. Pray.


Please leave a response about what you think about the post or how it has affected you. Thanks in advance.

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