The Life Of The 21st Century Prophet: A Lesson In Gardening

A Lesson In Gardening by Denise Fyffe

God is doing a new thing in me. Since June 2016, I have been filled with this intense desire to plant flowers and food crops. But each day I come away with spiritual analogies and references from the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t long before I realize that God was teaching me kingdom principles via a lesson in gardening.

What is even more amazing is that my finances are free enough to allow me to purchase tools, flowers, dirt, compost or plant food as I have a need. For those of you who follow my posts on on Revealing the Christian Life and The Island Journal, you know the devastating financial struggle I experienced over the last several years. But now, I am at a different level of faith and favor. Praise God.

I must say that I experience deep moments of surprise, fulfillment, joy, patience and sadness…because of my plants.

When they die, I am saddened.

When they thrive and bloom, I am happy.

When I open my door in the morning and see the lovely blooms, I am deeply at peace and content.

I thank God for this season. It is a season where I am on a writer’s vacation…from book writing. I still write my articles because practice is a must. But the same intensity, commitment and fulfillment that I get from my books, it is the same I get from this lesson in gardening.

It is even surprising when hidden memories surface from my childhood.

I will endeavor to share these nuggets as often as I can.

Be blessed, in Jesus name.


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