Morning Meditation: Be Grateful

Blessings are invisible gifts given to us, not because we deserve it or are deserving of it, we just get them. So, we should not be ungrateful, or turn a build eye to them. Each day people are out in this great world suffering, wanting, hoping, praying for the little that we have.

world hunger image

If you have a child, love them. Many are not able to have any children.

If you have a job, appreciate it. Many, including yours truly, doesn’t have one.

If you have food to eat, tonight, tomorrow, next week; give thanks. Many will go hungry and die in starvation.

global hunger

If you have a husband, a boy friend, someone who loves you; love them back. Many are alone and lonely.

If you have family, a brother, a mother, a nephew, a step aunt, cherish them. Many have no one who cares for them.

If you are able to read this, able to count the money in your pocket, able to understand that China is on the other side of the planet and not a piece of crockery or plate; be thankful you received even the slightest education. Thousands can not read, write, spell, count or know whats happening in the world.

If you are able to go to church on any day, in any hour, dressed in any way, worship in any way, and sing as loudly as you want or hum if you can’t; be thankful you are not in China or another suppressive country that doesn’t allow you to practice the religion you choose.

Blessings are invisible gifts, but don’t act like you don’t know they aren’t there.


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