The Christian Life: 2017 Testimony on Trying Times

Trying Times

Its been a soul crushing, pride taming, wet eyes, heavy heart couple a months. There has been some trying times.

And so were the days before that and the weeks before that. These lasts couple months in the highlands have been stretching me beyond; beyond the limits that I thought I could go.

My world is in flux, my heart uncertain and in turmoil. I feel like a leaf in a tornado, and yet, I STAND.

I know God has got me. I know this is Abba’s doing. Only He could tell the flood waters to wash over me until the temporary things are eroded. Only Jehovah could allow thieves, enemies and cheaters to circle about. But yet I STAND.

Like the Gwango tree.

For greater is He that abides in me, than them, which seek to do me harm. He has me on the wings of an eagle. Lifting me higher. The elevation is uncomfortable. The air thinner; but my lungs are fueled by Faith. I hold on to his unchanging Word and trust in His promises.

People pass away. Jobs stripped away. Places…they too slip to the horizon. Soon to be out of sight.

Purge in me and without.

Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid? Your all does the spirit control, He asks? He been asking and I have been giving. Who am I to withhold from the Mighty God? To Him are all things due.

This summer 2017 has been a scorcher. I grow weary, but I seem to have been made for the stretching, the shaking, the pressing and the breaking. For there is better in and for me.

…in the Potters Hands.


Copyright © 2017 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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