Hardships of The Christian Life in Jamaica

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

Being a christian is hard, being a christian in Jamaica is even more difficult. Especially, because we are plagued with different socioeconomic and cultural hardships, consistent exposure to immoral behavior and cycling examples of how hypocritical Christians really are.

Facing such hardships of The Christian Life in Jamaica truly exercises the faith of any bible believing Christian in this country.

Every day we are bombarded with music that is filled with sexual content and innuendos.

Every day your ears are shocked with foul language from A to Z, from homes, buses and even the radio.

Every day your eyes are feted by all degrees of nakedness, this gets worse if you live in cities such as Kingston and the inner cities.

So how can any Christian remain holy, saintly or righteous in such a place? Every day it is a constant struggle to even find a true Christian ministry that goes beyond the Sunday morning outreach, that ventures outside the comfort of their pews and really pound the pavement in many Jamaican communities during the week. Nevertheless, in a country with more churches per square mile than any other on earth, one can clearly see that we have an appetite for a Saviour.

Jamaican Christians are still resilient. Jamaican Christians still hold fast to the precepts and laws of the bible. Jamaican Christians still shun many of the ‘taboo’ sins that some countries are being pressured to even write into law. Nonetheless, Jamaican Christians have a far way to go when it comes to developing ‘impactful’ church ministries that cause change inside the homes of both desperate sinners and down trodden Christians.

Having been exposed to the teachings of Chip Ingram via his radio and internet programs; my eyes have been opened and I can clearly see. Based on all of his teachings, with love, I have a corrected perspective of how the gospel should not only be spread, but the word of God taught in a  manner that is digestible to all.

Not screamed from the pulpit with gimmicks and antics; but handed out in love. It should be communicated in a manner that even a non-christian could listen and apply the word to their every day lives.

Being a Christian is hard enough in this world. What we need here in Jamaica is a doing away of the chastisement and harsh words over the pulpit and more messages filled with and coming from a place of love. What a difference that would be.

By: Denise N. Fyffe
Copyright © 2017, Denise N. Fyffe


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