Christian Testimony 2018: The Lord Makes Clear What Happened in 2017

This morning I want to encourage you.

It is the second morning that I am being reminded to share this. So here goes.

The Lord Makes Clear What Happened in 2017

If you recall, several weeks ago, I was up for a couple of jobs.

Prime positions, one to be a recruitment manager, the other to manage a 1000 acre estate property on the north coast. I shared with you that as great as these were, tempting … I had my doubts that I was to take them for a few reasons.

The Reasons for What Happened in 2017

  1. Because of my convo with God, about no longer working in the corporate world.
  2. I was meant to leave soon. date unknown then.
  3. I would no longer be at Seaview Gardens New Testament Church.
  4. Was I going for these jobs because I needed financial reprieve?

I decided to wait on the Lord.

If it is His will, I would get the job. Because how often does a successful business owner lines you up for two prime positions?

I waited.

In waiting, God sent several online clients my way, so I was able to cover my bills and have even fewer expenses than before.

Less stress.

So has he did this the pressure I felt from doubt and unbelief disappeared.

Other Reminders from God

He then reminded me of the temptation Jesus faced before he started his ministry. Where the devil took him to high places, made him offers, just to prevent him from starting his ministry and fulfilling his destiny.

So close I came to failing this test, like times before. I couldn’t take a repeat.

Then recently He said, “See, if you wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be in a position to fulfill your spiritual assignment to your, Bishop. That would have affected the outcome of many things that have happened and will happen in your own life.”

God is the Same With Everyone

So too he draws a parallel to your current struggles.

The temptations you face that are so appealing. The doubt because of obligations, the stress. But also think about what assignments are out there waiting for you, that only you can fulfill.

Fear is not of God.

Doubt is not of God.

The temptation to leave your life’s path, work, destiny can be permitted by God, only because he knows you are capable of passing the test.

There be no temptation that befalls you, which you are not equipped in God to handle. No test which in your spirit, the answer is already provided.

Don’t Give In, Press

Don’t be the man in the cave who came so close to the stash of diamonds, but quit.

Hold on, press.

Don’t be scared of where God, the Holy Spirit takes you or shows you because nothing can touch you when you are covered by Him.

Greater is the power of God in you to do the next phase of the assignment.

Don’t be Moses at the burning bush.

Don’t let him bring you to it like Jeremiah having to loose everything and everyone.

Some of us don’t really have a choice. I can tell you about that one, having lost everything and everyone, born and unborn.

Don’t make that mistake.

Yes, you are feeling what Elijah felt when he faced the threat of Jezebel. But look how legendary he was.

Walk in faith believing that God has got you in His hands.

Be blessed.

Copyright © 2018 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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