Revealing The Spiritual Truth About Depression and Suicide, Part 2

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Depression or Heaviness

Depression is an issue that many of us have faced at one time or another. It is an aggressive force in the lives of the protagonists, in each story. Some of us know people who have suffered at the hands of these spirits. The result of not recognizing and overcoming this giant resulted in their demise.

Also, many of us have faced the spirit of depression.

Initially, we experience some anxiety, then mounting fear and eventually we are overwhelmed by hopelessness. If left unchecked, it can rob us of our joy and eventually, we cannot function in our daily lives. This demonic influence is a manifestation of the spirit of fear.

It manifests as a persistent combination of anxiety, lethargy, and loss of interest, loss of appetite, low self-esteem, and frequent thoughts of suicide.

Spirit of Depression

When the spirit of depression in operation, it manifests as despair, which causes many people to yield. Little do they know that their thoughts are not their own.

The spirit of depression manipulates them into thinking negative thoughts by speaking these things to their spirit, which then filters into the conscious mind, as if it was their own thoughts. As such, old, negative, and traumatic memories cycle in their mind, constantly. This is a tactic to keep the person’s spirit suppressed, oppressed, and depressed.

The pain becomes unbearable, and they then attempt to substitute the psychological pain with physical pain. Some people do this through cutting, which is a common practice by people suffering from depression. Other persons may resort to overmedicating.

Notice it starts as a thought.

This thought came from the spirit of suicide working with the spirit of depression. Unfortunately, millions who commit suicide, listened. Like Adam and Eve, who listened to the serpent and ate from the wrong tree. The food did not offer life but presented a false truth. Death.

Some people seem so withdrawn and aloof, that we find it almost impossible to engender sympathy for them when they commit suicide. Yet, we readily express those emotions for beloved comedian Robin Williams when he committed suicide.

Depression is no respecter of person or personality type.

If you are dealing with depression or thoughts of suicide, please take the first step and say the prayer below and get the book for more information.


Lord, I submit my mind, my body, my spirit, my soul, and everything that I am to the will of the Holy Spirit. Heavenly Father, I give over my will freely to you, for the accomplishment of your purpose and so that your will can be done on the earth.

Lord, I am guilty. I have sinned and come short of the glory of God. I am not worthy of your mercy. But thank you for the sacrifice and shed blood of Jesus Christ who has redeemed my sins.

I bow to you Great Eternal King and Lord and I humbly come into your presence. Everything that I am or ever hope to be is in you. Lord, you are the Faithful God whom I will serve forever.

I pledge to obey your perfect will. I pledge to yield to your call. Help me to be obedient and allow your will to work in my life and the life of my family and children.

Come now, Lord. Let thy will be done and your power and your glory reign forevermore. In Jesus’ mighty name, I pray, amen.


I wrote the book Revealing The Spiritual Truth About Depression and Suicide, to share spiritual secrets about this stronghold that affects millions. The bible says for lack of knowledge my people perish’ therefore, it is important to understand how to wage spiritual warfare against the ills that affect you.


This book is a Christian literary work that shares valuable and potent information regarding the physical and spiritual truth about depression and suicide.

Get your copy of the book, Revealing The Spiritual Truth About Depression and Suicide, today!


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