The Christian Life: Witnessing Through Your Christian Life

The theme of my life is that I am a God Blessed child, highly favored by God.

On mornings or days like this, I am reminded of God’s blessings. I often experience meeting strangers on the road, interacting with them and they exclaim that they feel like they know me and instantly like me. Many times, my response is always ‘You are attracted by the Spirit of God and I am a child of God’. That usually stops any untoward arguments from men. But it encourages those (male and female) who are genuine. This is a great way to start a conversation about Jesus Christ and his saving grace. It is a manner in which we can witness to people.

If you are like me and not necessarily called to be a bus preacher or traditional evangelist. You can still witness to the people you interact with daily, known and unknown, by how you live and being humble. Wake up with a song of praise in your heart and ask God what can I do today to serve you. You never know what he might use you for. He could have you encourage a co-worker who is experiencing difficulty in their life. He could use you to say a kind word to the street boy or person who cleans your mirror.

Just be ready, willing and available. This is the key. Many of us are ready, but not willing and available. Many are willing but not available. Many of us are available but not willing or ready. God is not fooled by the pretense in our lives and he does use the clean and the unclean vessel to fulfill his purpose. but it is always best to be the clean vessel.

Remember, you must be genuine, worship in truth and live according to the precepts or laws of Almighty God. Be Blessed and go witness to someone today about God.




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