Christian Prophecy: Jamaica & Portia Simpson-Miller

Woe to you vipers and scorpions of Sodom
Woe to you thieves
Woe to you children of the fallen and dispossessed

Your mouth is as a cutting board of hatred, shredding the souls of your leaders
Your tongue is an assassins bullet, devouring the destiny of your leaders.
For you have regurgitated the hatred and immorality of the ungrateful.
You have ushered rounds of rebuke and rejection against my leaders
But woe be unto you

Never have a leader been in power, who has sought my favour more than my daughter
Never have the seat of power in Jamaica been occupied by one who seeks my counsel above others
Never has there been;

My daughter has shed private tears and suffers from the defeatist words of her people
She has walked with a broken heart
She has suffered in silence, while those in her command has plotted for her demise

But I shall eat them up like a swift wind
They shall rot and decay in the wasteland
She shall grant them pardon, but I shall set fire to their souls
She shall be fortified
She shall be restored
She shall be recorded as a mother of a nation most favoured

She shall water the seed of love and it shall bear fruit and be as strong as the oak tree. My daughter shall not go to the west or east, but she shall abide in me.
The hand of her enemies shall be crippled and their wealth shall slide away into mud.

Woe to the heathens
Woe to the ungrateful
Woe to the assassins of men’s heart and soul.

December 12, 2015



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