Revealing the Christian Life

By: Denise N. Fyffe
Copyright © 2012, Poetess Defy, Denise N. Fyffe

Being a Christian is not easy and in an ever changing world where all the fundamental beliefs which you base your faith on being disregarded; lets just say, if you aren’t firm you can throw the whole lot out the door. Not to mention the daily battle you have to fight which the devil unleashes in your life.

It is often said that if you are having an easy life as a Christian and not facing your shares of the spiritual warfare, then you aren’t doing it right. So, can someone explain to me, why has the devil picked me out for special attention and perpetual torment. I am really tapped at this point. Someone else reminded me that Job went through a lot because God had faith in him and he was highly favoured by God; for a second there I was pleased to be reminded that I am highly favoured of God. However, being human, my spirit is more than a little tapped from the almost 20 years of trials I have been through; no to mention this season of five years and two years.

I must be fair and give the other side of the story, I have a particular rebellious nature. Yes, yes, the first step to getting help is admitting you have a problem and knowing what that problem is. So, I do know He is putting in the work to break away that part of me, so that I can be used as he wants, and I don’t have a lot of time to goof either. In this, I am not deceived about what my weaknesses are. In my Christian walk, you can compare me to a young adult; still experiencing the rebellious urges but gaining the wisdom to know I need to conform to what God wants me to do and when to do it. Lord knows my will is broken and his is slowly taking its place.

Let me open your eyes, I would not change being a Christian  and from as early an age as I became one. As a child it was easier for me to accept all the experiences and belief that I learned and experienced. I put emphasis on experience, because I am quite intelligent and could explain away some of these things and be deceived like those who support the evolution theory; apes, monkeys and what not. So, thank God, I have been a christian this long and yes I have some pretty skin crawling, knee shaking, soul healing experiences; both good and bad.

There is also another aspect to the Christian life that not many discuss fairly, thoroughly and to those who are becoming a Christian. This never happened for me and quite honestly, in my particular case, no one was and is there to give me the guidance I need for my particular experience. For this particular dilemma, God has had some people communicate to me that my guide will be God and him directly. Now imagine, on your first day of work, hearing that you will be working side by side with your boss. It has its good and it has its bad. You can’t get away with anything and you get your comeuppance quite quickly. But, as I said before, I am also highly favoured and blessed. Not lotto blessed, but in only the way God can bless you.

This leads me back to where I started, my tribulations and their tenure. Over the last few years they have taken a toll on me and I must admit for a period there, I was quite deceived. With my eyes finally open to the truth, I can see better to assess my enemy and adjust my counter tactics to his latest trickery and torment.

Tomorrow is a new and different day, I will have new feelings and more experiences. One thing I will hold on to is, God never gives us more than we can bear and he does not take you through where he cannot protect you.

Note from Denise: Please share and tell me your opinions as well; because I will certainly be sharing mine.


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