Christian Prophecy: The Love of God for His Creation, for Man

I received this message from God on December 23, 2015.


I am more than human’s think of me. My love encompasses all men. I love with no limits, no bounds, no conditions. I love my children equally and wish for everyone to be saved.

Beyond Eden (The Day of Atonement Part 3)

All created beings are under my protection and I love them too. Eden was created to bring harmony and love to all living creatures, A place where man and beast coexist. Sharing in a pure, eternal love.

That gift was stolen by Lucifer who was jealous, who was prideful, who was filled with sin. He took perfection and marred the soul of man. His sin permeated all living creatures and as such, not only was the bond broken between God the Father and man; it was broken between man and beast.

But, I provided an escape for man to find himself, to come to Me. I provided My Son who died on the cross. He laid down His life so that man may again, commune fully with Me. I am eternal and My love is eternal. My love for man is eternal. Nothing will change that. Not even the infestation of Lucifer will change that.

I, God, have seen it fit to bring an escape for my children and they will be with me for eternity, basking in my eternal goodness and love.

Copyright © 2015 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe


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