Happy Valentines from your favorite Jamaican Author

author denise n. fyffe

Happy Valentines from your favorite Jamaican Author

I wish you lots of love, blessings and good good things.

It’s 2016 and I am still at it; writing, writing, writing!

Nothing makes me happier than knowing that someone is reading, and hopefully enjoying, what took me many weeks, months, even years, to create.

I love writing. It is like finding that likkle corner in the world that has a spot just for me. It is my passion and my drive.

I have also ventured into publishing. For years people have been asking me to help them get their books published. Now you can; just link me!

In December 2015, I released my latest book baby, Sudden Death. I am so proud of this book because it is a culmination of what I have been striving towards, for the last five years.

Sudden Death leads readers on a journey that puts the spotlight of spiritual discovery on the spirits of depression and suicide.

This book is not for the weak of heart or mind.

It is for those who seek to learn the truth about demonic influence.

The book presents five main stories and characters and how they are lead down the highway of destruction by demonic strongholds.

The stories are a catalyst for a spiritual analysis, in the book Sudden Death: Loosening Foundations, that dissects and makes inroads into the enemies strategies against mankind.

The Sudden Death series of books aim to make its readers more spiritually aware and will endow them with knowledge, understanding and wisdom for spiritual things.

God has given me the task of spreading truth to the body of Christ, so that they will rise up on wings of eagles and soar above the deceptive traps of the devil.

Please share this book with your family, friends, church…everyone.

I do hope you purchase a copy and if you are in Jamaica, you can link me also.

God bless you.
 Denise N. Fyffe, Author.

Sudden Death: Loosening Foundations

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Wait, there’s more

You can download or purchase any of my books online. Look for them on Smashwords, Amazon and Lulu! Please click any of the links below to get your copy.

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