The Charmaine Show Podcasts: Christian Author Denise Fyffe Talks Depression and Suicide

Denise says, “I wrote this book, after suffering from depression. I wanted to tell some of the stories, which many of us overlook, including my own. I wanted to paint a clear picture of the realities that many face in this world. Thankfully, writing aids the healing process. It provides an escape. When I look back sometimes, I see the depth of my despair and hurt. Suicide often occurs because someone feels trapped in a world of constant despair. Suicidal tendencies are often triggered by stress, trauma, bullying, unemployment, relationship issues, gambling problems, chemical imbalance, grief and other factors. Many of the persons who take their lives are considered suffers of a mental disorder; including, but not limited to schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder, depression, bipolar disorder, alcoholism or drug abuse”.

Follow the link to listen: The Charmaine Show: Jamaican Author Denise Fyffe Talks Depression and Suicide 01/06 by The Charmaine Show | Self Help Podcasts


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