The Christian Life: Saturday vs. Sunday Worship What does it matter to God?

sunday vs. saturday

I received this message for a friend of mine. I felt inclined to share for all those who need to know, Saturday vs. Sunday Worship: What does it matter to God?


sabbath daySabbath, the seventh day, is Saturday. That will never change no matter the culture. God does not change, no matter what man changes or believes.

Also, God is not like man to only save those who worship on Saturdays. Then why would Jesus bother to shed His blood if from the start half the population is excluded? No. God is not short minded. God’s capacity to love is so huge that He accepts worship any day we give Him and will work every way to save everyone. He will bring humanity back to the original plan in His time.

In the end, only the few who serve Him truly, will be saved. God does not discard a rose simply because its black, He sees the beauty, love and purpose in all created things.

Remember God is not man and we will never fully conceive His ways. God shows up for Sunday worshipers, just as He does for Saturday worshipers. God shows up for true worship.

Many of us don’t give Him Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday nor Friday; much less Saturday or Sunday.

However, because of His decree at the beginning of time there is a power, anointing, a divine thing that exists about Saturday. That will never change.

And just to clarify for any who will miss assume. I am a Sunday-go-to-church Pentecostal. But, I am a child and bond servant of Yahweh; a 23 year relationship with any being, human or divine, will reveal somethings. All I can know is His truth and I will forever share what He says, is truth.

Don’t stumble on a pebble when God is waiting for you on a mountain you can’t see the top of.

Just have faith that all he wants is for you to keep your eyes on Him..any miss him because they take their focus off him.

Many don’t serve him on any day of the week; so, why get caught in what is one of the biggest distortions of the original plan of God?

Only those who focus on Him no matter the day will scale the mountain of myths, lies, half-truths, made up stories and false doctrine, will see Jesus face to face.

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