The Christian Life: Honoring the Sabbath

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

Sometimes, I receive the call, or the grace, to honor the Sabbath.

On Friday evenings, I will either feel led to attend Prayer Service or simply take-in a sermon on YouTube. Over the last year, God has had my Friday evenings. I go nowhere. His presence is with me and I will either be in worship or teachings, with Him.

On Saturday mornings, there will be a desire to just lounge, pray, read the Bible or take in a bible lesson or sermon. This is how I will spend my mornings and not do anything.

Now here is the kicker, I am a Sunday church attending, Pentecostal. Surprised? Don’t be!

The further I get in a relationship with God, the more truths are revealed to me, by His Spirit.

It was ordained from the beginning of time that the Sabbath must be kept Holy. That command has not changed.

Satan has caused man to turn from the truth, but God does not reject man because of this. He allows and accepts worship from us, anytime, on any day of the week.

For those who work weekends, He does not judge us harshly or rejects us because ‘Caesar’ requires our service on the ‘traditional’ days of worship. That is man’s behaviour, not God’s. He offers no condemnation.

However, there is an eternal blessing that comes with giving God of our time on a Saturday. He will meet us in a special way. Just as how He made a covenant to never destroy the earth with water again, there is a covenant on the Sabbath day, Saturday, the seventh day.

Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it Holy.

God bless you.

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