The Christian Life: The Testing, The Trying, The Breaking of a Prophet

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

There is nothing like swimming in a pond, a water source with no let out, and you are surrounded by sharks.09041332.jpg.jpeg

My life is full of challenges. Challenges that bear very sharp teeth.

This week has been challenging. My peace has been disturbed and once again I am being tested. Hence, my mind is focused on ‘The Testing, The Trying, The Breaking of a Prophet‘.

To me, professionalism, reputation, respect and genuine interaction are key tenets in my work life. It is a pity for me, or not, that God chooses to cause my ‘environment’ to erode them and as such discord ensues.

You see, God is testing me, to see what my response will be to the new-same tests. I have to slay the flesh and respond as the Holy Spirit wills. Or, I will be sitting this exam until I pass with flying colors.

God puts His prophets through an Olympics of trials and testing to fashion them for His calling on their life.

We must be able to shake off the tentacles of sin and temptation.

Prophets are endowed with enviable gifts and responsibilities. We have to train, so that we do not succumb to the physically insurmountable demonic deceptive lures that will cause us to stumble and be misled right into the devil’s will.

Prophets have to be bent, broken and torn apart by the Master. Our fleshly desires have to be purged. Our will must reflect the will of Jesus Christ.


As such, he will cause people to accuse us, to cuss us out, to torment us, to disrespect us, to steal from us, to hurt us, to abuse us, to harm us – even to kill us, if it’s for His glory.

This might seem cruel to many, but when you wield heavenly authority and power, it is a necessary purification process.

So, all the Master’s prophets must showcase, in this heavenly Olympics, what they have learned, how they have become less of themselves and more of Him.

  1. They must die to self.
  2. They must become compliant to the Holy Spirit.
  3. They must be obedient, always.
  4. They must effectively and continually walk in the office of a Prophet.
  5. They must give ALL the credit, praise and Glory to Almighty God.
  6. They must not wield their spiritual weapon to wound the saints.
  7. They must not sell out to demonic influence.
  8. They must not yield to the Jezebel spirit.
  9. They must not use their gifts for earthly pleasures or to attain wealth.
  10. They must only accept what their Father in heaven gives.

Remember that song, ‘for I am crucified with Christ, but yet I live; not I but Christ that lives within me’?

This is the full testimony of true, authentic and God called prophets of the Most High God.

As such, we will be tried, tried again and retried until we are as pure gold.


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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