Christian Prayers: Amused by The Plans of Baal

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

I sit, watching, amused.

His lips kept forming words and I retreat inward as he spouted plans to change me.

Here is this young man, I am easily more than seven years his senior, wasting the vowels on his tongue; he is speaking about changing my idealistic views. I laugh, inwardly.

A scene of a giant and a mosquito plays out in my mind’s eye.

There are many people arrogantly parading on this earth, like peacocks. They ‘ think of themselves more highly than they ought’; there is a verse in Romans that warns against this. Because of where they live, how much they earn, where they work or simply where they see themselves in this life; these people think that they can fashion the lives, personalities, characteristics or moral compass of others.

Not even I being who I am in Christ Jesus and empowered by God, is that audacious.

I didn’t utter a verb, a sentence, a paragraph or a stanza in English, Spanish or French; not even in any of the heavenly languages.

I sat still.

I listened.

I smiled and later and many days later, I replayed this audacious and presumptuous conversation to God; or rather He to me. The Denise of old would probably have put him in his place; which would only fuel his arrogant machinations.

There were no declarations of war or any decrees against this young man. I knew the ‘spiritual puppet master’ behind his ramblings.

However, when the adversary shows you his hands, no matter how powerful and anointed you think you are, simply give it over to Jehovah Abba. Watch him scatter and confound the spirits and fleshly pawns of this world.

Until then, I’ll keep smiling.


Copyright © 2016 · All Rights Reserved · Denise N. Fyffe

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