Season 4, A Lesson in Selfishness via Gospel artistes Mary Mary by Denise N. Fyffe

Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell of Mary Mary
Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell of Mary Mary

I have been following the Mary Mary reality show for the past four seasons and in this latest season, my spirit has been in disagreement with many of the situations on this show. Even though I love their music and like the ladies, still, a great deal, my once naïve impression of Gospel artists and preachers have been shattered by having watched both Preachers of L.A. and Mary Mary.

It is expected that people are human beings and as such they have faults. It is understood that no one is perfect; however, if you are a role model and leader in the Christian/Gospel arena, you should probably not have a reality show, if you have serious character flaws and some immoral behaviours.

Erica Campbell and Tina Campbell are two distinct human beings and where Erica sacrifices and gives selflessly to her sister, the favour is not returned by Tina. Tina Campbell, as Erica Campbell’s former manager, Kenneth Crear rightly puts it, is a bully and very selfish. Erica also has her faults as well, but this season her sister is a glaring example of what not to do. Erica’s character has changed this season, since launching as a solo artist. Some entitlement and pride has gotten into her bonnet.

erica campbell of Mary Mary
Erica Campbell of Mary Mary

Tina however is being selfish, unforgiving, lying, demanding, unfair and disregarding the feelings and well-being of others for whatever she wants and however she wants things to go. The blatant example this season, is telling the Library of Congress, where they were just inducted that they definitely have an album coming out in 2016. Lying, outright, twice. Tina, being Tina, also categorically refused to help her sister by doing a show for her, because she was wiped out from doing her gigs and the groups gigs. Erica Campbell even nearly passed out on stage.

Tina Campbell takes no time to consider how her actions will affect the relationship between Warren Campbell (Erica’s husband and Mary Mary’s producer) and the Sony Executives. Her whims changes with her ever changing emotions. The metamorphosis she claims to have gone through has been for the worse and not the better. She might have forgiven her husband Teddy for his infidelities; plural, multiple, seemingly times infinity – now that is another example of blatant sins – but her character has depreciated drastically.

I have not touched on the issue and going ons with their former manager, Mitchell Solarek. The scenes which included the fights and vile arguments with him and about his management of the group makes me cringe. How he treated the groups stylist and sister, GooGoo. His behaviour at the Tina’s second wedding, and goading Erica, was reminiscent of how it must have looked for the snake tempting Eve in the garden of Eden. Tina inviting him to the wedding was more an act of spite against her sister than anything about being forgiving. If it was a gimmick for the show, the choice to do so is even worse.

God is going to call every celebrity gospel artistes and preachers to a day of reckoning and those who repent and change, will learn and find true favour and grace from God. But those who continue to flaunt their sinful nature and not represent Christ and Christianity truthfully, will fall. Many will continue to gain earthly favour, but they will have a reserved place in hell.

I will pray earnestly for these two sisters and I have compassion in my outlook of them but I do not condone or support them airing and representing Christians, in the manner in which it is being done now. I pray they will check these episodes when they air and be convicted, in Jesus name, by what they see. The behaviours that are being exhibited has certainly put me off the show, but I will continue watching because I pray that Jesus Christ will change them from the inside out and all this sinful, prideful, entitled, faux Christian behaviour will cease from their lives.

Be it so Lord.


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One thought on “Season 4, A Lesson in Selfishness via Gospel artistes Mary Mary by Denise N. Fyffe

  1. I watch it as well! Love the show but yes, it’s sad that Tina couldn’t help her sister knowing what have been happening to her. Erica over do it and overbook herself and comes across sometimes with greed in terms of money. Tina, I wonder about her with her wanting to be so open but knowing the stage she has could be a detriment. Like you hopefully things will change.


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