The Christian Life: How Long Does It Take You to Say Thanks

The Life of a 21st Century Prophet

How many of your 24000 breaths do you take in a day before you say thanks to God? How long does it take you to express your gratitude for life, health, necessities, family, friends and everything else?

Do you just take things for granted? Do you wait for breath 23000 or do you say thanks from breath 1?

It is easy to get caught up in the day. It is easy to forget our Lord and Saviour. It is easy to wipe Him off our priority list. It is easy to think we are entitled. It is easy to forget.

Take a minute and say thanks, for everything. Say thanks for things from yesterday. Say thanks for miracles. Say thanks for breakthroughs. Say thanks for things from day 1 of your life. Say thanks for things from 10 years ago. Say thanks even for those 23000 breaths.


About the writer:
Poetess Denise N. Fyffe is a published author of over 30 books, and writer for over ten years. She is also a trained Teacher and Counselor. She is a General and Copy Writer for online publications such as Revealing the Christian Life, Jamaica Rose, Entertainment Trail, My Trending Stories , The Island JournalExpress Writers, among others.

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